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The homestead is now reserved for future owners


Built area
1383 m


Habitable surface

1643 m²


Living surface 833 m²

Hotel surface 807 m²

Land area

49200 m²

A beautiful mill in a picturesque landscape

A unique experience

Lidmilův mlýn is one of the largest and most beautiful former water mills in the Czech Republic. A rustic farmhouse to enjoy, surrounded by beautiful nature.

As you approach the mill you may hear the distant neighing of horses. With a little imagination you can also add the sound of a mill wheel, which has not been turning here for many years. The water mill has not been in use since 1975, instead it is now a hotel and residence. There is also a horse riding school where riding lessons are given every day to children and adults from the area and to tourists during the summer holidays.

When entering the mill you immediately feel the echo of the very rich past. It connects past and present mill life in the beautiful village of Sádek u Poličky, near the border of Bohemia and Moravia, in the picturesque landscape of Vysočina.

The 1640 square meters of total usable area is divided into a hotel area (807 m2) and a part for family homes (833 m2). The sale also includes a modern horse riding school and 49,000 m2 of land; garden, forest and meadows for the horses.


What can you expect?

This historic farm has been here for centuries, but Lidmilův mlýn has its current form

from the beginning of the 19th century. In the 21st century it has regained its former splendor under the hands of the current owners. They have spent 14 years renovating and developing the property while preserving the historic details. They receive the guests with care and kindness and they developed their business here, a hotel and a camping site, in addition to building a riding school on the property.

The location is very suitable for entrepreneurs and investors, but also for larger families who want to live together and develop their business.

The story of the mill

The mill was called Čertovský, later Devátovský and finally Lidmilův mlýn. From 1581 to 1654 the mill was owned by the Czejtov family (probably hence the name Čertovský). In 1654 baker Burián Devátý buys the mill, the name Devátovský was retained for two hundred years. In 1674, the town of Polička bought the mill from Samuel Niváty.

In 1774 Jiřík Fiksa bought the property. The Fiksova family managed the mill until 1831, when František Fiksa married his daughter Barbora to Martin Kozlo from Polička. In 1866 the Kozlova family sold the mill to Anna Devátovský and Josef Fajmon from Korouhev. The new owner of the mill died in 1873, and in 1875 the widow Anna married Antonín Lidmila from Borovnice, who later became mayor of the district, who contributed to the construction of the railway. He bought the mill in 1875 and although he died in 1905, the mill remained in the family's possession until 1974. His son Josef Antonín Lidmila, the first chronicler of the village of Sádek, managed the mill.

In 1925 the mill housed one of the first two radios in the village. In 1974, the state bought the mill, which converted it into a recreational facility for the communist party. After 1990 it changed hands several times.

Only in 2009 it was bought by the current owners. They took over it in a very dilapidated state and that is why they started a long and thorough renovation. They modernized the hotel area and built two large apartments in the family area. They currently operate a hotel accommodation and a camping site for family recreation and also run a riding school.

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